Herbal teas are a wonderful addition to any tea chest.

There are so many flavours to choose from plus they provide health benefits abound. Perhaps you need help sleeping-try valerian or tranquility.Or trying to shed a few pounds-try detox or slim Plus.An energy boost perhap? Gingko or ginseng are fabulous.Herbal teas are refreshing and full off nutrients to give you a healthy foodboost.

What's good for smelly feet?

So,you or someone else has smelly feet and you need some answers on how to put a stop to it. My role as the resident family foot massager brings me into regular contact with whiffy tootsies so I'm in the know on what helps.The reason that feet smell is down to the bacteria that feeds on sweat. The bacteria takes the form of organic acids and it's function is to get rid of  the waste matter on the feet. All wonderful body functions but these acids are unfortunately strong and pungent and therefore make the feet smell. So, for feet to be sweet smelling like the rest of you there are some simple tips to add to the daily routine to get feet healthy and happy.

 Let's face it, you just want to be able to take your shoes off without everyones eyes watering and running for cover.

Here's what I recommend to people who want foot rubs from me:

Wash your feet daily with a Tea tree wash or soap( anti-bacterial) and dry them thoroughly before putting socks on.
Spray feet with natural foot solutions or powders to neutralize odour
Wear cotton socks as they are much cooler and more absorbent.
Go barefoot where you can.
Try to rotate shoes to help air them out.
Foot baths with a few tablespoons of vinegar
Regular massage with natural foot creams to help circulation.
Drink plenty of water (8 glasses per day) to help flush out toxins quickly
Try a zinc supplement to help support the immune system.
Include plenty of coriander and flat leaf parsley in the diet as they may help absorb body odours.

Aubrey Organics Neat Feet

I use this combination for magical foot massages.

Alva Natural Foot Deodora

We do not intend to diagnose, treat or cure and all suggestions are from personal experiences.  

Chasteberry and PMT

Agnus Castus
Agnus Castus -or Chasteberry is a natural herbal remedy that has been used to help combat the symptoms of pre-menstrual tension and the menopause. Widely regarded as a tonic for the reproductive system, for some women it is hugely beneficial at reducing the discomfort associated with periods and period changes. The herb has a calming and soothing effect (mood soother), regulates hormonal levels and cycles (anxiety, stress and fatigue) and for some is an effective tummy cramp reliever. All good stuff. There are many natural resources to investigate to help improve the “time of the month” and including herbal remedies, for some can be of benefit. Eating plenty of healthy foods, drinking good quality water along side regular fun exercise can all help towards obtaining great health- all month long!

Our entire range of Agnus Castus products are available at

We do not intend to diagnose, treat or cure.

Natural Hangover Relief

We’ve all done it, partied like it’s 1999. The next day feeling like you are actually 99. It’s whopping great fun to have a sherbert or two(+), sing a few songs and dance to some cool tunes. It’s great to enjoy yourself but sometimes that overindulgence can mean feeling a little wan and washed out the next day. Being prepared for it can help lessen the pain and reduce the amount of time the actual hangover hangs around. I always keep certain useful remedies in my cupboard to help combat the dreaded hangover.

If I’m going to go out I try to drink plenty of water prior to leaving to help sate my thirst. There’s nothing like swigging ice cold Chardonnay to speed up intoxication.

Solaray Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is a cheeky little herb I take before consuming alcohol as it helps the liver to process the booze quicker and it has supportive properties for the liver. If I can remember to take Milk Thistle before taking to my bed I do this too as it all helps towards recovery the next day. Too much alcohol can bring on a queasy tummy in which case the digestive aid Gentian Bitters by Napiers are a good idea to have at the ready.

Gentian Bitters / Hangover Remedy

The headaches are sometimes solved by a brisk walk somewhere windy to help blow off the cobwebs, a warm lavender wheatbag and perhaps some white willow,a natural alternative to painkillers.

A teaspoon of honey in a detox herbal tea can help to speed up wellness too. Because alcohol depletes B Vitamins( which help deal with stress) in the body I replace them with a good B complex and that stops any feelings of stress and anxiety. I try to adhere to the moderation is key theory and limit my intake alcohol, but if I do consume it I give my system a natural head start. Stay moderate.

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